22. März 2019

What would it be like to get mail from the future? From a better world in which humans have prevented a plasticalypse and where no one tries to dictate to women how to be a woman; a world in which brain-computer-interfaces prevent people from prematurely hitting “send” and where future van Goghs can simply fix their mishap with an ear from the laboratory? We’ve got them right here – 7 postcards from the future.

#1 Plasticalypse

There is a rubbish island floating in the Pacific Ocean while we are ingesting microplastic with our food. There’s no shortage in solutions like sneakers made from ocean rubbish or the Ocean Cleanup initiative. But will we manage to turn it around before we’ll turn into plastic ourselves?

#2 Brain Computer Interface

Our thoughts may be free, but our fingers are just too chubby. Wouldn’t it be much nicer if we could control our computers directly with our thoughts? Humans and machines will merge – and our brain cells will be free for evaluation. Off we go on holidays for our brain!

#3 Printable Me

Kidneys for pharma giants, skin for L’Oréal. 3D printers are already producing organs, and the age of animal testing will finally come to an end. Soon, we can simply shop for a new nose at the Body Shop and get some new facial features printed on.

#4 Fluent Spaces

More people, less space. The 2 bedroom flat has to go. The future is flexible with fluent furniture and a nursery you can uncouple. Modern concept hotels like Stay Koook are already carrying this idea into the business world.

#5 I am Woman

We’ve been voting for 100 years. There is still a lot to do – and Pippi Longstockings can show us how. She doesn’t live by anyone’s rule but her own. She never gets caught, not by power structures nor by false role models. Let’s make the world the way we like it.

#6 Biohacking

Today a brain pill, tomorrow a muscle pill, and three mood pills for when the in-laws come over. But why stop at temporary perfection? With our new gene scissors we’ll cut out hereditary diseases and fill in our favorite genes. Will we Copy & Paste our way to the top?

#7 PatchworkMe

The individual is a lie. Our identity is supposed to be indivisible, yet we are at the same time friends and lovers, jetsetters and climate activists, rebels at the county fair. But who are we, really? This is our call for integrity.

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