Stick around! Here are the trends for 2018

7. February 2018
Alisa Schmitz

The world is still moving. After geniuses having been elected for president and cryptographic currencies going through the roof, nothing can surprise us anymore, right? Wrong: Here are the 8 trends for 2018 – freshly printed and easy to glue. For creative thoughts that stick.

‘Cause if you like it, you should put a sticker on it!

You read correctly, we turned our trends into stickers this year. For clear statements to share with the world. And since nothing seems impossible in 2018 – except establishing a German government perhaps – our trends aren’t static, they intersect and blend. They can be combined in every possible way and thus provide the sought-after inspiration for our customers, partners and team.

Our trends 2018 – Happy sticking!

adellink_Allcycling_80x80#allcycling – Re- and upcycling was yesterday. Now there are cycle products that never end up as rubbish. According to the the cradle-to-cradle principle, everything is reused until the trash ends up at the rubbish dump of history.adellink_FoodLaboratory_80x80

#foodlaboratory – Who needs animals when you
can get meat out of a petri dish? Only breed what you really need. True to the motto: The chemists of today will be the farmers of tomorrow.

adellink_DigiLove_80x80#digilove – Sex sells, especially in the digital world. But now the robots are joining real life: Machines in the form of seals and intelligent sex robots are going into serial production. Already today, every fifth person would consider going to bed with such a whatchamacallit.

adellink_SpaceLiving_80x80#spaceliving – ‘I’m taking off!’ will soon become the usual way to say goodbye, at least according to a prediction by Stephen Hawking. Soon, everyday life might be taking place on the moon or on Mars, just add a few space plumbers and cosmos architects.adellink_SmartDelivery_80x80

#smartdelivery – Already received a package today? In the future, this might be happening hourly. Even today, more than 3 billion shipments are being sent every year. The solution? Self-driving postal stations are already being tested, flying warehouses dropping parcel drones towards the earth are still visionary.adellink_Storyliving_80x80

#storyliving – History isn’t written, it’s made. It is no longer important for professional influencers what they are talking about, but how many people are experiencing it with them. The audience becomes the story itself, with an illusion of vulnerability and a sense of space.

adellink_Ecopolis_80x80#ecopolis – Dystopia becomes utopia, the future belongs to the ‘sharers’ among us. ‘My house’ and ‘your house’ turns into a whole network, supplying electricity and water for the entire block. Grey concrete blocks are covered with green havens, the city is not only alive, it can finally breathe again.

#socialmedianomics – Money rules the world? Wrong: The new currency putting everything else in the shade is called social credit. You want to get a loan or take out health insurance? Sorry, you’ve collected the wrong points. You’d better work on your public image, because Google, Facebook and co. don’t forgive anything.

Our trends as an app

We’ll be honest: We do not want to keep our trends from you. And since the line between online and offline or digital and analogue is blurry anyways, our trendstickers 2018 are now also available as an app!

You can now share our GIFs with friends, customers or colleagues. How does this work? We’ll show you:


(1) Open the App Store on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, search for ‘adel & link’ or ‘trendsticker 2018’ and download the free app.

You will probably notice that our trendstickers are only available via the App Store. To all Android users: We’re really sorry.

(2) After this, simply click on ‘open’ – and done! You can use our stickers in any iMessage chat, all you have to do is click on the App Store icon in the chat window and tah-dah! Here you will find all our stickers for your digital statements!

A huge shoutout to the design agency Markwald & Neusitzer for their support in designing the stickers and for turning them into an app!

Every year we are on the lookout for creative ideas and exciting sources of inspiration for our customers and partners – that is where our trends come from. The trends of the years 20172016, 2015 und 2014 can also be found on our blog.