Burgers from the Petri Dish, Escort Bots and Moon Settlements – the trendvernissage #6

7. May 2018
Natalie Buss

Will we be living in tunnel settlements under the moon’s surface, eat in vitro burgers made in a laboratory and have fun with sex robots in the not too distant future? According to our guest speakers at the trendvernissage #6, these visions of the future are not too far away from us – at least that is what they discussed with our guests from the creative, communication and start-up scene in the Rhine-Main area during this year’s networking event. On 19 April, everything in our loft office revolved around this year’s trend topics #FoodLaboratory, #DigiLove, #SpaceLiving, #AllCycling and #SocialMedianomics.


Jörn Kabisch, food journalist and co-author of the “Fleischatlas”, started the evening with our trend topic #FoodLaboratory. He talked about utopian ideas from the test tube and alternatives to synthetic food production – such as artificial meat made in a petri dish, substitute products made from plants, and insects as the new healthy superfood. Our guests also got a small glimpse into this new world – even if it took them a bit of an effort: the menu of the evening also included mealworms with salsa or thyme spices and dried locusts.

Jörn Kabisch lieferte Inspirationen zum Thema Food Laboratory.


What does the future of love look like in the age of #DigiLove? The way that Priv.-Doz. Dr. habil. Heiko von der Gracht, publicist and futurologist, predicts the future still sounds like a distant dystopia, but could soon become reality. In 2022, the multisensory Internet could be a first step – unwanted withdrawal of body contact during long business trips and long-distance relationships would thus be in the past. Suddenly everything might be happening very quickly: in 2035 the first people will make contact with escort bots, in 2037 the first designer babies will be born and in 2050 we will be having more sex with robots than with real people.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. habil. Heiko von der Gracht und sein Vortrag zum Thema DigiLove.


What if a human settlement on the moon will soon be the intermediate station between Earth and more distant galaxies? Dr. Florian Nebel, author of the book “Die Besiedlung des Mondes”, talked to us about #SpaceLiving. Including moon villages and the journey to the stars. Our guests also had imaginative ideas why it would be particularly great to live on the moon: Be it as a refuge for earthly overpopulation, out of human conquest or in order to create a new and sustainable world and way of life – many people may soon trade their life on our blue planet for a high-tech cave dwelling on the moon.

Bereit für die Reise zu Mars und Mond? Um das Thema Space Living ging es bei Dr. Florian Nebel.


We also invited the Frankfurt regional group of the Cradle to Cradle e.V. as a special guest. Markus and Holger brought many #AllCycling exhibits with them – and provided information on the vision of a world without rubbish. Our guests were inspired by T-shirts made of eucalyptus wood fibres, wet-green leather tanned with olive leaves and plant-based cleaning agents. The cradle-to-cradle perspective means that the recyclability of a product is already taken into account before and also during the design phase in order to enable a functioning recycling economy. And so the cuddly soft T-shirt completely decomposes on the compost within four months.



What if “Black Mirror” became a reality not only in China but also here in Germany? What if our reputation, social and professional advancement opportunities would depend on a centrally managed social credit system and would be derived from our behaviour and preferences? This ranking could have an impact on our housing search, health insurance offers, our freedom to travel and the granting of loans. Our guests were able to prepare for such a scenario with our online test during the trendvernissage. Showcase citizen or shady fellow – you too will find our short self-test around the topic #SocialMedianomics here on our blog some time over the next few months.

Live-Umfrage zum Thema Social Medianomics