Powerful stories that captivate audiences

At Adel & Link we believe in honest, transparent and high-quality communication. We know how to start a conversation, take a clear stance and communicate via traditional media outlets and digital channels. Whether it be for a Silicon Valley start-up or the world’s largest payment provider, a unicorn from Berlin or a famous Swedish furniture chain.


Corporate PR

Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s all a matter of perspective, right? True, but facts still have to be put into the right context. This is especially important for companies: building a good reputation and trust is critical. But establishing and managing a reputation is hard work. It is created by continuous investment in the company’s brands, products, people and services as well as through their interaction with the media.


A company’s reputation can easily be tainted – by mistakes, crises or incorrect communication. That’s why companies need clear and consistent communication. And they need someone who can share their stories with the market – someone with the ability to craft the right messages and speak on camera. With our coaching sessions and workshops, we will prepare you for any situation.

Our services include thought leadership campaigns, reputation management, issues management, crisis communication, media relations, stakeholder dialogue, blogger relations and social media communication, conference and event management, media training and positioning workshops.


Brand & Consumer PR

Every brand has its own story waiting to be told. Because behind every brand there are people who bring that brand to life with passion and ideas. We can’t wait to let these brands speak through words and visuals – because we’re hungry for stories. We want to inspire people and perhaps even change their lives for the better. We discover sides to brands that make the media curious and are sometimes even surprising. In doing so, we always remain authentic and communicate all topics with creativity, a sense for trends and attention to detail. After all, that’s what makes things interesting. And it’s perfect for social media channels, since they are rarely deadly serious.


Our services include PR and communication concepts, creative storytelling, media relations, media & influencer events, influencer & blogger relations, social media communication and media cooperations.


Technology & B2B PR

You can’t imagine today’s world without technology – it’s a driving force of economic and social change. Apps, AI and the IoT are changing our lives at a rapid pace. The field of technology is unique in the way it offers us thrilling visions of the future and exciting stories. We make complex B2B topics accessible to professionals and laymen alike. In doing so, we put niche tech products into a social context and tell success stories from the Silicon Valley to Berlin. We don’t let national borders or oceans stop us and effortlessly localise our international clients’ complex messages for the German market.


Our services include thought leadership campaigns, PR and communication concepts, creative storytelling, media relations, conference and event management and proactive media relations.


HIVE Studios

Our content and visual communication professionals have come together to form HIVE Studios – a strong unit that delivers first-class content & design services. The experienced copywriters and designers develop powerful content strategies, texts and visuals for B2B or B2C target groups – no matter how complex the topic may be.


We create meaningful content for PR, marketing and internal communications – from corporate blogs and content marketing to storytelling for small and large brands.


HIVE creates a design that fits. We use creativity, technology and strategy to show our clients’ brands in their best light. Internal and external, in every industry.


The result: captivating stories and strong visual materials that inspire any target group.