Branding | Gonsberg

“From scratch”

Mainz-based engineering office IBC Ingenieurbau Consult GmbH has created a vibrant new creative space in Mainz. Providing a coworking space for freelancers and young companies, the location can also be used as an event venue. On behalf of IBC, HIVE Studios developed the name and branding for this new real estate project in 2019: the “Gonsberg Campus” is located in Mainz-Gonsenheim and sits atop a small hill. The location and the car-free area provided the inspiration for the name (Berg = hill) which we came up with in collaboration with our client. The campus comprises three buildings which were either renovated or newly built: In early 2020, the coworking space “Gonsberg Loft” opened its doors in a former car repair shop. The “Gonsberg Lounge” (culture and events) and the “Gonsberg Studio” (offices) will be completed by 2021. In addition to this, HIVE Studios designed the website for the Gonsberg Loft. The Adel & Link team will continue to support the project with media relations.