Powerful stories that captivate audiences

At Adel & Link we believe in honest, transparent and high-quality communication. We know how to start a conversation, take a clear stance and communicate via traditional media outlets and digital channels. Whether it be for a Silicon Valley start-up or the world’s largest payment provider, a unicorn from Berlin or a famous Swedish furniture chain.


Corporate & Finance

Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s all a matter of perspective, right? True, but facts still have to be put into the right context. This also applies to companies, where building a good reputation and trust is critical. But establishing and managing a reputation is hard work. It can only be maintained by continuous engagement with the company’s brands, products, services and – most importantly – its people. And establishing a good relationship with the media is also crucial.


A company’s reputation can easily be tainted – by mistakes, crises or incorrect communication. That’s why clear and consistent communication is as important as having a stable network: companies need reliable partners who can provide guidance when it comes to crafting the right messages and sharing their stories.


With our decades of experience in corporate and financial communication, coaching and workshops, we can prepare clients for any situation – no matter how important or critical it may be. Doreen Zöllner will help you find out more about our expertise in corporate and financial PR.


Storytelling & Employer Comms

We’re passionate about great stories: We love finding the right words and sharing them with the world – and we just can’t get enough of them! In our story hub, we find topics that inspire people. Whether it’s online or offline – we like to tell stories that strike a chord with our audiences. This also applies to internal communications, where we support our clients with everything from internal communication concepts to intranet articles.


We love the diversity of narrative forms and take on different roles to bring authentic texts onto the media stage. Our reports and features offer something for everyone, our press releases and listicles are straight to the point, and our trend reports are always one step ahead.


But we don’t stop at content production. Our services range from PR and communications concepts, media relations and corporate communication to employer branding and far beyond – until every story has been told. Get in touch with Rena Schäfges to find the perfect introduction to your very own story.


Technology & Innovation

You can’t imagine today’s world without technology – it’s a driving force of economic and social change. Apps, AI and the IoT are changing our lives at a rapid pace. Green tech is opening up a wealth of opportunities for a more sustainable future with e-mobility, renewable energy and smart cities. The field of technology is unique in the way it offers us thrilling visions of the future and exciting stories. And with innovations such as the IoT, Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing and cyber security our everyday lives are reaching an unprecedented level of technological sophistication.


We make complex B2B topics accessible to professionals and laymen alike. In doing so, we put niche tech products into a social context and tell success stories from the Silicon Valley to Berlin. We don’t let national borders or oceans stop us and effortlessly localise our international clients’ complex messages for the German market.


Our services include thought leadership campaigns, PR and communication concepts, creative storytelling & content creation, media relations and conference & event management. Contact our tech and innovation expert Anna Wegner to find out more.


Brand & Digital

When it comes to brand communications, we’re the perfect match! We believe that it’s people who make brands. With energy, empathy and expertise, we bring brands to life in words and images. We want them to inspire people, maybe even change their lives for the better. We pride ourselves on our ability to discover sides to brands that pique the media’s interest and offer fresh perspectives. In doing so, we always remain authentic and communicate all topics with creativity, a sense for trends and great attention to detail. We also like to add a pinch of humour – after all, that’s what makes things interesting. The lighter touch is perfect for social media channels, since they are rarely deadly serious.


We can reach audiences on all channels. 360-degree campaigns are our strong suit and you can rely on us to guide you through the world of Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube and Clubhouse.


Our services include PR and communication concepts, creative brainstorming and storytelling, media relations, press & influencer events, influencer & blogger relations, social media communication, purpose-driven communication, community management and media collaborations. Feel free to contact our digital native Alina Welbers for more information.


HIVE Studios

Thinking in pictures, dreaming in illustrations and expressing themselves through graphics is second nature to our creative design professionals. They’re experts in catching your eye and grabbing your attention. At HIVE Studios, we create designs that fit.


HIVE Studios creates meaningful content for PR, marketing and internal communications – from corporate blogs to content marketing and storytelling for large and small brands. We combine creativity, technology and strategy to bring out the very best in every brand – internally and externally, in any industry. Our experienced designers master design for B2B or B2C target groups – no matter how complex the topic.


Through close coordination with our storytellers, we bring words and images together in perfect harmony to inspire any audience. Your go-to for all things design is our creative mastermind Nena Tsamparli.