Trends 2023

Brave New Me

A novel virus, political instability, and rising energy costs – the past few years have confronted us with many unforeseen challenges. While some of these issues have long been familiar to a large part of the world’s population, many more privileged inhabitants of the industrialised nations are now becoming more and more urgently aware of them.


But while the situation is worrying, this ongoing crisis mode has also had positive effects we can’t overlook. Many have begun to question the security and reliability of resources once taken for granted and this has ignited the wish to become more self-sufficient. Why rely on an energy network when we can run our household on solar energy? And if cucumbers are getting ridiculously expensive, why don’t I just grow my own? It’s even turning some of us into real adventurers: a recent study by shows that a growing number of German travellers wants to use their trips as an opportunity to learn survival skills this year – such as how to find clean water or food in the wild.


It may seem over the top – but considering our impact on the world we live in, a more conscious relationship with energy consumption and our environment are developments that should be welcomed. Modern city life means that many of us have lost touch with nature and ways in which we can sustain ourselves. Relearning some of these strategies can only make us more resilient. There’s nothing this Brave New Me can’t handle!