Trends 2023

Finding Fortune

Our Western living standard, as most of us have known it from past decades, is currently being shaken up. There is a growing awareness that not everything we are used to can be taken for granted. Our fragile prosperity has begun to show cracks.


Used to striving higher, faster, further, we now need to switch off, pause and rethink. We need new questions, new answers and new concepts for a modern definition of wealth. Because prosperity as we know it is over – change is in full swing. Perhaps for the first time, we are beginning to realise that our prosperity is connected to the state of the rest of the world. Millennials and Gen Z in particular are driving a social shift by breaking down the rigid structures of the professional world with demands for more self-determination, leisure, purpose and sustainability.


The focus is shifting from the material to the social and ecological: rather than money and possessions, participation, quality of life, purpose, sustainability as well as physical and mental health are becoming more important in society. Because in the midst of this change, the question is no longer how we can maintain the standard we are used to – but rather what is worth maintaining. And what prosperity beyond the material means for us.