Trends 2023

Genie in a Bot

AI is everywhere. Since ChatGPT entered the stage last year, we’ve been seeing new takes on AI on an almost daily basis. We scroll through our social media feeds only to be greeted by friends wearing flower crowns or standing in magical landscapes. Sometimes, we may be impressed, at other times mildly disturbed by the uncanniness of those artificial creations. But AI has not only learnt to paint, it has also long passed the Turing test when it comes to writing convincing texts – covering anything from social media posts to job applications and even fairytales for our children.


While our talented artificial helper will surely lead to a major shift in the workplace, it comes with its very own dangers. Since AI feeds off real people’s work, using original art pieces to create its masterpieces, the lines between entertainment and plagiarism become blurred. And it doesn’t stop at text and image creation. AI has been given a voice – it could even be yours – and can convincingly make you say things you’ve never said. People and policies can’t keep up with the rapid developments, leaving us in a no man’s land when it comes to regulation and rules on how to use AI tools responsibly.


But shying away is not the solution and AI is here to stay. So maybe it’s time for us to embrace the genie in a bot as an instrument that can transform the way we work. And maybe, just maybe, it’s now our turn to adapt to the machine.