Brand Identity | Adel & Link

“A breeze of fresh branding air”

Our agency is transforming – and along with it our brand identity and our website. In 2019 we decided that it was time for a change: We moved to a new bigger office in Frankfurt am Main, we worked on redeveloping our brand identity and on positioning Adel & Link on the German and international markets. A new website would help us make our evolution visible.


It all started out with a typo game with the letters A and L – the first letters of our founders’ surnames. We quickly decided on keeping the names in full, while using clean typography in capital letters. We wanted to be bolder and make a distinctive mark. A circle was used as our symbol – representing perfection (in everything we undertake), completion (end-to-end process) and unity (as a team). Our colour palette also changed to black & white – with a little bit of cyan for Adel & Link and gold for HIVE Studios. In 2020 our new website finally came to life – and we are working constantly in our hive to help our agency grow.