Trends 2023


Four-day week, side hustle, work-life separation, purpose – it’s hard to say which phenomena are shaping our work culture most right now. But Gen Z in particular is confronting the world of work with an interesting attitude: if I have to work for a living, then please let it be meaningful. And while a job should pay well, they are not prepared to rack up hours on end. Often dubbed lazy behind closed doors and in the media, the misunderstood generation is actually right in a lot of ways. Work until you burn out? Not an option.


Rigid structures and That’s how we’ve always done it!” are red flags for Gen Z. They would rather work part-time and build their own business on the side. Or simply have more time for hobbies, friends and leisure. Or they might look for a top job at a company that values diversity and shows true appreciation. Most importantly, it should offer modern benefits that focus on the health and personality of each employee.


But then there is also hustle culture: if our profession is our calling, is there ever too much work and too little life? It is precisely this tension and the shift in work culture that will accompany us in 2023 and beyond.