Our Values

Our Values

We thrive at work


Doing something together is more impactful – and more fun – than doing it alone. Collaboration is the backbone of our business, whether inside the office or partnering with external clients. 



We are driven by our purpose, which means we are always inspiring each other with ideas and insights to find the best solution imaginable for our clients. 



Everyone has the right to be happy at work. So, we’re big on treating each other well, inside and outside the office. We make time to say thanks, give feedback and roll up our sleeves when needed. 



We’re proud of our work and always put our best foot forward, no matter how big or small the ask. 



To make sense of the world you need to stay curious about the world. For us, this means asking questions, hunting trends, deep-diving into complex topics and always debating what’s next. 



Your authentic self is your best self. So we respect everyone’s right to feel accepted no matter where you’re from, what you believe, who you love or how old you are. This is a safe space where you can be true to you.


Social & ecological commitment 

We are committed to acting in a way that is entrepreneurial, social and ecological. In their company agreement, our managing directors committed themselves to aligning their actions and decisions not only with their own interests but also with the needs of all stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers) and the protection of the environment. We believe this is crucial for the long-term success and sustainable profitability of our company.

Take a look at our benefits!

Annual leave and “Blau-mach-Tag”

All colleagues have 30 days of annual leave per year. But that’s not all! We have also introduced one extra day off per month to have more time to relax and be creative. This brings the total number of days up to 42 – because the best ideas often emerge when you’re not at your desk. The “Blau-mach-Tag” aka extra day off allows our colleagues to seek inspiration beyond the MacBook and do what makes them feel good. This can also be a chance to get involved in the community or volunteer for a good cause. 


Remote work and work from anywhere

We offer the option to work remotely three days a week. Of course, you are welcome to come to the office every day if you prefer to collaborate in person. And if you choose to do so, we are happy to facilitate working from anywhere over a longer period. Everyone has the option to work flexible hours or part-time – and in the rare case of overtime, you are compensated with time off. All colleagues are equipped with a MacBook Pro and an iPhone. 


Great loft in prime location

Our beautiful loft office is conveniently located just a two-minute walk from Frankfurt’s central station. We always make sure to have a great selection of soft drinks, coffee, tea, fresh fruit and muesli available. 


Training and development

We provide all colleagues with an annual budget for external and internal training and regularly organise team training sessions. We also run in-house classes as part of our Storyteller Academy, where you can learn more about the basics of PR work. We also like to discuss what’s new in the world of communication during our Inspirational Hour – sharing insights gained from talks, webinars and courses. To top this off, all colleagues take part in regular feedback sessions for their personal development. 


Agency events 

We love our agency events because they give us an opportunity for personal chats, shared laughter and mutual inspiration. And we are not just talking about our annual Christmas party – we enjoy regular after-work events, our yearly agency trip and guided tours. Once a month, we like to pair up and cook for the entire team. And we like to keep moving: come and destress during one of our monthly yoga sessions! Or would you rather join us for an impromptu game of table tennis?